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Analysis of ethnic and socio-economic differences in heart disease risk - Evaluation of heart disease in South Asian populations (LOLIPOP study)

In the UK highest recorded rates of heart disease related deaths are seen in the South Asian populations (Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities). South Asian men have a 40% increase in heart disease related death while women have a 51% increase. The reasons for this are not clear. Investigation of heart disease in the South Asian population has not been studied in detail.

We are currently undertaking a large multi-centre trial in the UK in collaboration with the Ealing Hospital, Hammersmith Hospital, Wellington Hospital and Imperial College London. Using Electron Beam CT (EBCT) heart scanning technology we are investigating the presence and progress of heart disease in apparently healthy South Asian and Northern European individuals. We aim to provide a further insight into differences in heart disease between the two populations.

Evaluation of heart disease in UK civil servants (Whitehall study)

In addition to ethnic and genetic risk factors for heart disease the environmental factors such as smoking, diet, stress and exercise are thought to directly affect an individual’s chances of developing the disease. The Whitehall study has been recording the health and habits of British civil servants for many years. For the first time, the Whitehall trial is investigating heart disease in these civil servants. We are involved in studying coronary calcium levels of civil servants in order determine the amount of heart disease present and examine the factors which influence the development of the disease.


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