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Identification of novel biological markers to predict the presence of heart disease

Many biological molecules are associated with different diseases. This may indicate that the chemical is been produced by the diseased organ, is involved in the disease pathway, or is simply associated with other mechanisms which are affected during the disease. Identification of key molecules associated with heart disease is essential for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. Novel molecules could be used as targets for drug therapy in heart disease. Alternatively, they could be used diagnostically, as biological markers to predict the presence of heart disease before symptoms arise.

We have recently completed a study investigating the relationship of Osteoprotegerin (OPG) with coronary artery calcification and heart disease. This study was carried out on over 500 patients, with no symptoms of heart disease, in order to evaluate OPG as an accurate predictor of heart disease. Our preliminary results show that OPG can be used as a predictor of heart disease. OPG may be an accurate diagnostic tool for the detection of early, asymptomatic heart disease.

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