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Heart scanning for the early diagnosis of heart disease in diabetics

Our recent study, on over 500 patients in the UK, has shown for the first time that Electron Beam CT (EBCT) scanning can be used to detect “silent” or asymptomatic heart disease in diabetic patients. Diabetes is increasing worldwide and the prevalence of diabetes has more than doubled in the UK since 1991. Diabetes substantially increases the risk of heart disease. Heart disease is the major cause of death in 65-70% of diabetic patients. Diabetic heart disease is often “silent” and goes undetected. Our study used EBCT to detect heart disease in a group of diabetic patients. We have shown that a significant number of patients (over 48%) had silent, asymptomatic heart disease. EBCT scanning detected heart disease in these patients before the first symptoms arose. These results mean that it would be possible to detect heart disease at its earliest stages in diabetic patients if they were routinely screened for heart disease using EBCT. This would allow for a re-evaluation in the treatment of these patients.

Heart scanning to follow the progression of heart disease in diabetics

We have previously reported on the success of EBCT heart scanning for the detection of early heart disease in diabetics. This research has allowed us to undergo a new study where we are investigating the progression of heart disease in diabetic patients. Our current research study uses EBCT heart scanning technology to monitor heart disease progression in diabetic patients. This will allow us to examine factors which influence progression of disease.






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