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About BCRT



Additional Investigators:


Dr Ajay Yerramasu

Dr Anand Jeevarethinam

Prof Andrew Steptoe

Dr Daniel Darko (Central Middlesex Hospital)

Dr David Lipkin (Royal Free & The Wellington Hospitals)

Dr Deven Patel (Barnett General NHS Trust & The Wellington Hospitals)

Dr Mark Cohen (Barnet General Hospital)

Dr Mark Vanderpump (Royal Free Hospital)

Dr Miranda Rosenthal (Royal Free Hospital)

Professor Pierre-Marc Bouloux (Royal Free Hospital)

Prof Richard Underwood

Dr Roby Rakhit (Royal Free & The Wellington Hospitals)

Prof Roger Corder

Dr Shreenidhi Venuraju


British Cardiac Research Trust

34, York St, London W1H 1FF, United Kingdom 

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